About Us

Manufacturing of Loose Leaf Binders, CBSL later diversified its activities in the highly technological field of Security Printing, Document Imaging, Banking Equipment & Services, Plastic and Stationery Products. And the key principles on which CBSL has based its business practices over the last 50 years that has made it successfully traverse into higher realms have been

  • Focus on Customer
  • Transparency is the key!
  • Innovation for growth
  • Build trust
  • And most importantly build strong lasting relationships!!

The growth of CBSL is laid on the foundation built by strong infrastructure, sound financial base and empowering people at the grass root level. Further, to continually adapt and cater to the varying needs of our customers we constantly strive to improve the quality and reliability of our Products/Services.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Principles combine the various relevant legal regulations, the Company’s Articles of Incorporation as well as certain other practices developed and adopted by CBSL over the years. Our purpose is to guarantee transparent and responsible management and supervision of the Company and to promote the long term confidence of our stakeholders, business partners and employees, as well as that of the general public.